Did you know that the clothes you wear are a representation and extension of who you are? We all like to think we aren't being judged by how we look but the truth is, we are-everyday. What do your clothes say about you?

Your personal style is another expression of your personality! When you step out, you want to make sure that you’re feeling your best self, that your personal style is authentic to you, and it’s not a forced. Do your clothes convey that you're a successful business woman? Or do you constantly get mistaken for an assistant? Clothes truly do make the woman and I'm here to help you discover what your style says about you and how you can change or enhance that message. If you’re not sure of where to start, let my style development method help bring out your best self!

What’s Included:


  • A curated selection of new items for your wardrobe based on your needs.Personal style portfolio of carefully selected clothing items and accessories that all work together—and work for you—to create up to 30 outfits:

7 tops

3 bottoms

2 layer pieces

1 outerwear

5 accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves)

3 pairs of shoes

2 great bags

5 fully-styled outfit options to get you started


  • A personalized digital blueprint that outlines your new sense of style.

  • Downloadable worksheets, style challenges, and shopping lists to help you continue on your style journey after your virtual experience with Brittany is completed.