Work It Wardrobe

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Work It Wardrobe


You just got the call back for your dream job. You're a successful entrepreneur and you finally have a meeting with your dream client scheduled. It’s the biggest business meeting you’re about to enter into yet. The question is, what are you going to wear ? No matter the occasion, you’re faced with a situation in which first impressions matter. Even stats show that first impressions happen within 8 seconds of meeting. Your outfit, shoes, and nails have to be on point...but where to start? Where do you draw the line between looking fashionable while still looking professional? Should you wear nail polish or go for a bold lip? A nude pump or flats? The tough thing about shopping for an interview is many of the pieces you buy may end up never being worn again.


This is where I come in. I’ll identify your closet staples based on your body type, so that your 9-5 ensemble can translate into your nighttime going-out wear.



What’s Included:


  • 30-minute phone consultation with Brittany

  • Eye-opening style exercises that will help you discover your true self

  • A personalized ‘Style Guide’ that visually outlines your new style

  • Brittany shops and styles a variety of looks for you while you tend to your daily life!

  • 3-hour in-person styling session with Brittany

  • 30-minute virtual follow-up session to help you maintain your look

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