Special Occasion

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Special Occasion


Whether it’s a first date, gala, engagement party, or a milestone 30th birthday, a special occasion calls for a stunner outfit. Can anyone say luxe? When you’re dressed in an outfit you love, your confidence soars through the roof...and that’s exactly the kind of vibe you want as you’re stepping into your next big event.

Now, we all know the prepping can be time-consuming. With busy schedules, life gets hectic. Besides, the mall can be quite overwhelming when you don’t have all the time in the world to peruse through each store! Let’s cancel out wasted time spent in fitting rooms on outfits that get tossed back to the racks.

I can help simplify the process, and make your shopping experience a stress-free one!


What’s Included:


  • 30-minute phone consultation with Brittany

  • Eye-opening style exercises that will help you discover your true self

  • A personalized ‘Style Guide’ that visually outlines your new style

  • Brittany shops and styles a variety of looks for you while you go live your life!

  • 3-hour in-person styling session with Brittany


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