You did it!

Thank you so much for participating in my 5 Day Challenge! I hope you learned a lot and your closets are cleansed (or at least getting there if you've had a busy week). 

As promised, I have a surprise for you lovely ladies who stuck through the whole week and were active in the Facebook Group. I was cleansing my very own closet this week (and as I do periodically). Here is my personal capsule.

I've also included a few outfit ideas to get those creative ideas going and showing how much you can do with basic pieces. Click here or on the below image to access links to my capsule items; just click on the item name and you will be directed to the link. Enjoy!!

PS:This isn't the end of our journey together I want to see the outfits you create in the group.  

white tee looks.jpg
off the shoulder top looks.jpg
midi dress looks.jpg
denim shirt looks.jpg