5 Steps To A Super Organized Closet

Raise your hand if you have a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear. Now raise the other hand if you find yourself spending 10 minutes staring at your closet every morning before work and end up getting frustrated. Chances are, you’ve experienced this on more than one occasion but if you’re like me, you’re a busy on-the-go chick who has no time to spare for (another) closet meltdown.

That’s where the capsule closet comes in to save the day. I’m sure you’ve heard of it by now but there’s so much info out there it can get overwhelming so I wanted to walk you through it in the simplest way possible.

If you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, basically it’s a tightly curated selection of items from your wardrobe that can easily be mixed and matched into several different outfits. Not only does this save you a bunch of time because you won’t have to choose between a million items but it saves you $$ because you will maximize the items you already have in your closet.

You can literally make 72 outfits from 12 base items, add one more item and you create 84 outfits, add 2 more and that’s 96 different looks and so forth. But before we get into all of that let’s start with the basics! So how do you create a capsule wardrobe?

STEP 1: Get Inspired

Stack of Vogue Fashion Magazines

Gather inspo images from magazines, Pinterest. If you’re reading this you probably already have outfit ideas in mind but just don’t know how to apply these ideas to your current wardrobe. Don’t worry by the time we’re done here your closet will be whipped into shape.

STEP 2: Sort It Out

Messy Pile of Clothes


Create 3 piles

  • Discard
  • Keep
  • Store

The "discard" pile is where you will put items you haven’t worn in the past 3 months or much more so, a year. If you haven’t worn it since then you’re not going to. Let’s be honest with ourselves with this process. I suggest using this as an opportunity to donate to your local thrift shop.

The "keep" pile is where you will place the items that already get a lot of wear or classic items that can easily be put into multiple outfit combinations such as jeans, leather jackets, LBD, etc.

For the "store" pile you can adjust your capsule according to season so if you’re creating a capsule for spring/summer you can store your heavy coats and cashmere sweaters in storage for now, to make room for the items you will be wearing for the next few months.

STEP 3: Choose Your Color Scheme

Pantone Color Scheme

Your scheme will consist of 2 base colors and 3 accents Choose 2 neutral, or “base” colors to anchor your wardrobe and act as a base. Items in dark colors such as black or navy blue can be worn time and time again and no one would ever notice. Then add 2-3 accent colors of your choice to brighten things up! What is your favorite color? What colors pop up most on your mood board? Use these as a guide to creating your scheme.


Girl Searching Through Dream Closet

Now it’s time to choose your items: What I love about the capsule wardrobe is that no two closets are the same. We have different lifestyles and different closets to match so the items in your capsule will not necessarily match your best friend’s capsule selections. Refer back to the images on your mood (or Pinterest) board and see what pops up over and over again. If several of your inspo images feature a chambray shirt, definitely include that chambray shirt in your new wardrobe. Chances are, those multiple pins have already given you several ideas on how to wear it.

STEP 5: Decide On Your Combinations

Digital Fashion Lookbook

 I don’t buy any new items unless I know I can create at least 3 different outfits with it. It’s not as hard as you think, trust me. Plus it saves you $$ and time. Use your new planner to write these down ie. Striped top+dark jeans+black pump, or dress+trench coat+ballet flats. It’s totally up to you!

Wait-you didn’t think I’d leave you to figure this all out on your own did you ? Of course not, so be sure to grab the new capsule wardrobe planner I’ve created just for you to get started on your style transformation.