How To Mix Prints Like A Pro

I’m so excited to talk about this topic because I LOVE prints! They can make a simple garment look expensive and is always on-trend. It’s a part of fashion purely to have fun with and you know what’s double the fun? Mixed prints.

Now this is not for the faint of heart, there’s a certain formula that goes into successfully mixing prints, but once you’ve got it there’s no limit to the combinations you can rock. A lot of women shy from mixing prints but it’s a lot easier than you think it is, I promise! Here are some ways to ease yourself into the world of mixed prints!


Choose prints that share 1 dominant color

Monochrome is always a good idea, and prints are no exception. This is the easiest way to ease into this trend because the same color story is pleasing to the eye. For instance, black and white, which we all love is a good place to start. Try a black and white polka dot blouse with a striped skirt or pant.

Black and White Print Fashion Outfit
Blue Plaid Print Fashion Outfit


Play with scale

Pick one small print and a smaller scale one to pair together. Two small prints doesn’t make any impact and the details tend to disappear. Two big prints is just overwhelming to your frame and can make you look, well, bigger. Go for a subtle animal print with a large scale print with the same color scheme. This is key to making print mixing work, focus on the colors not so much the print itself and everything else falls in place.

Black and White Stripe Print Fashion Outfit
Chevron Orange Print Fashion Outfit


Pair a simple classic with a more complicated print

Once you’re feeling more confident with your print mixing skills, it’s time to step it up. Pair a basic print such as stripes, dots, and florals with a more graphic print for maximum effect. It’s a no-fail formula and all eyes will be guaranteed to be on you.

Stripe Pants Star Blouse Print Fashion
Floral Print Pattern Fashion Outfit


Look at you, now you’re mixing prints like a pro! How do you mix your prints? I’d love to hear from you below!