What To Wear To An Interview In A Creative Industry

Interviews; we all have to go through them one time or another-but what exactly are you supposed to wear to an interview when you’re in a creative industry? Let’s be honest, you can’t show up to an art director or fashion designer interview wearing a grey pinstripe suit.

Your future employer will think you didn’t get the memo on the “art” portion of that job and assume you don’t understand the company’s aesthetic and possibly even pass you up for the job. Oh yes, according to the Huffington Post, employers know within the first 90 seconds whether or not they will hire you-don’t let your wardrobe be the reason you’re not hired.

Reflect the company's aesthetic: You want the company to know you've done your research and understand their aesthetic. This doesn't mean you'll wear a boho dress and fedora to your Free People interview, but also you don't want to look like you walked into the wrong building. For example, if you’re interviewing at a graphic design firm you can get away with a bright silk blouse tucked in a printed skirt paired with a classic pump. On the other hand let’s say you’re interviewing for a position in the entertainment industry, you can wear a structured jacket with color or tasteful embellishment over a midi dress and heel (P.S. stick to closed toed shoes for interviews). You want to send the message that you’re a creative professional and clothing is the quickest way to do that.


Be comfortable: Interviews already ensue enough anxiety (at least for me they do), you don't need one extra thing to worry about so this isn't exactly the time to whip out something new or something you're not comfortable in . That means don't wear those new 5" Louboutins you haven't broken in yet. You can always tell when a girl can't walk her heels and it is not a good look, don't be that girl.


Keep the jewelry to a minimum: To quote the great Coco Chanel "Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." If you’re feeling bold, a single statement necklace works but don’t wear a statement necklace, drop earrings, aannddd a cuff bracelet together. Choose one item that pulls together your entire look, if you’re not super into jewelry a simple stud earring is always a safe choice.  


Finally, pay attention to the details: If you have a manicure, make sure your polish is intact and not chipped, and keep the makeup toned down; foundation and a nice lip color will do just fine.


Now that you’re all set, go out there and make me proud!!

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