The Proper Way To Wear White On White

Forget about restricting fashion “rules”, you can wear white ALL year long and look sleek while doing it, especially if you decide to wear white on white. A monochrome outfit is great for several reasons. It makes you look put together without even trying plus if you’re height challenged such as myself *ah-hem*, its an easy way to look taller; a white pant, white blouse and a nude pump tricks the eye by making your legs look longer. There are a few things to consider before going for this look and I’m here to help ease your way into properly trying this classic combo.


Make sure it’s the same shade of white- If you’re going to wear white, make sure it’s well...white. A well trained eye can tell the difference between optic white and off white so ensuring that your separates are the same shade are key to achieving that clean look.


Wear nude underwear, not black, not white-  A good outfit stems from the foundation, that being your undergarments. Don’t get caught with a visible panty line or a visible panty in general. If you wear white on white, you will see it. Go for a pair of undies that are close to your skin tone to avoid any visibility.


Mix it up with texture- Lastly, don’t feel obligated to wear the same texture from head to toe. Mix it up! This elevates your outfit and prevents white on white from looking too plain.