The ONLY Shoes You Need

To know me is to know I’m a shoe addict, meaning my collection is slightly short of Imelda Marcos. I can’t help myself, there’s always a new shoe that I feel like I NEED but deep down I know I don’t necessarily need 4 variations of the same wedge. It was hard for me to admit this to myself, but I’m going to let you in on a secret, you only need a chosen few classic styles. If you have a bunch of trendy shoes but none of the ones below, it’s time to assess your closet and make according changes.

Black pump- The quintessential black pump. There’s a reason why this has been a staple for so long. It goes with just about everything; want to dress up a pair of jeans? Slip on a black pump. Cocktail party? You guessed it, put on that black pump. You will get tons of wear out of this so investing in a good pair and taking good care of it will make it worth the buy, tenfold.

Black flat- A great alternative to the black pump, this versatile shoe adds sophistication to your outfit. Get a pointy toe pair to make your legs look longer!


Nude Pump- There’s one for every skin tone now so no excuse to have this wonder shoe. I’m all for a pointy toe nude pump because it visually elongates the legs and well, I’m short so it really gives my look that extra boost! I actually wrote a post about the perks of this shoe, check it out!

Lace up Sandal- This is one of those items that’s always a mainstay on the fashion scene every summer. Instead of getting the trendy pair at Forever 21 that will only last a few months, invest in a high quality sandal that will last you throughout the years because you and I both know it’s your go-to shoe when the sun comes out.


Ankle boot- These are a year-round favorite that come in flat and heeled versions. I absolutely suggest getting both because they always prove to be the answer when you’re not sure what shoe goes with your outfit-they go with everything! And I mean everything; if you work in a creative industry you can wear these to the office, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day hanging with the girls, or wear them with your dress to give it an unexpected edge.