The New Office Fashion Rules

You’ve heard the old saying; dress for the job you want, not the job you have. There’s no question about it-the workplace has changed a lot in the last few years and so have the rules on what to wear to the office. Sure, the classic blazer and white button up shirts will always be classic, but these days it’s all about making yourself stand out and for all the right reasons.

Yes, we say people don’t judge you by appearance but the truth is we do, especially in a professional environment where how you present yourself determines how others treat and interact with you. It’s time to put away that pinstripe pantsuit and put a remix to those classic pieces!

Instead of the white button up shirt...try a ruffled white blouse.

White Ruffle Blouse

...Or a draped blouse. 

White Drape Bodysuit Top


Instead of a basic black pencil skirt… try a colored or printed pencil skirt.

Blue Print Pencil Skirt

Instead of a classic blazer… try a blazer cape

Navy Blue Blazer Cape

...or a sleeveless blazer

Camel Brown Sleeveless Blazer Coat

...or a printed/patterned blazer

Striped Blazer Fashion

Instead of a silk blouse...try a peplum top.

Printed Peplum Top

Instead of a sheath dress...try a printed wrap dress-it’s flattering on everyone/

Red and White Printed Wrap Dress

Instead of a solid pant… try a patterned pant-a small scale print is subtle yet bold in a sea of black and gray.

Black and White Print Pants

Instead of a trouser...try a wide legged pant

Wide Leg Pants

Instead of a Mary Jane flat...try a pointed toe loafer

Pointy Toe Loafers

Instead of a pantsuit..try a jumpsuit

Camel Brown Jumpsuit With Belt

Instead of a cardigan...try a structured coat. Strong shoulders represent power

Leopard Print Coat With Leather Pants

How you present yourself and your overall appearance has a hand in determining whether you’d be considered for promotions and the last thing you want is to be passed up because how can your boss picture you as in an executive position when your outfits scream assistant? Whether you work for a corporation or yourself, you’re still a representative of your personal brand 24/7. What does your wardrobe say about you?