The Most Universally Flattering Fashion Items

By now you know what body type you are, and if you don’t head to my simple guide here. Most women want to create an hourglass shape. You can achieve that figure-flattering look by opting for pieces that highlight your waistline.

You might think hiding your body by wearing oversized clothes might be the solution, but au contraire. Hiding your figure will do the opposite of what you want to achieve which is unflattering, instead focus on wearing clothes that highlight and create curves. These tried and true items belong in every woman’s closet because not only are they staples, but they can transfer over from season to season.

Fit+Flare Dress - This classic silhouette nips in at your waistline and flares out, creating a proportioned silhouette. These dresses are the easiest way to create the illusion of the hourglass figure because it highlights your waist and adds subtle volume to your hips.


Skater/Flared Skirt-This creates the same effect as a fit and flare dress by tucking in your blouse and make sure the waistband sits at..well your waist to maximize the cinched in effect!

Pencil Skirt-I’m sure you already knew this one-but you’d be surprised how many women don’t own a simple black pencil skirt. A good pencil skirt will be can take you from interview to hot date depending on what you pair it with. Best of all, it holds you in and creates that hourglass shape we all love.

Wrap Dress-Thank you Diane Von Furstenburg for introducing this piece of heaven into women’s closets everywhere. They come in every color and multiple prints. Get you one (or a couple) of these and you’ll thank me later.

Color Block Bodycon-Bodycons are lifesavers to have in your closet because you can just throw on and go to your next event. Go for a midi bodycon with heels for a sexy, yet sophisticated look. If you want to create the illusion of the hourglass shape, wear a bodycon with black panels at the sides.

V Neck T-Shirt-If you can only have one T-shirt, this is the one you must keep. The V-neck creates a balanced look and draws the eye upward to the face. Bonus, it creates a vertical impression (aka makes you look leaner and elongates your figure). This goes without saying it’s the perfect layering piece for your wardrobe, so grab a few of these in black and white!

Cropped Moto Jacket- This is definitely an item where you shouldn’t be afraid to invest in because you’ll wear it over and over again. A cropped moto ends near your waist, which is always flattering and not to mention it makes every outfit instantly cool weather you’re wearing boyfriend jeans and a slouchy tee or a body hugging dress.

The best part about these items is that they can easily be mixed, matched and layered with other items in your closet. What they all have in common is that they work in your favor to balance out your proportions, and at the end of the day that’s what we’re really striving for, to create balance. So next time you’re getting dressed, remember the rules of proportion. This means if there’s volume on top, don a slim bottom and vice versa.