A Quick Guide To Determining Your True Body Shape

There’s a lot of info out there about what type of body types there are for women and some of these involve describing our bodies as a random assortment of ...fruits? I don’t think any woman wants to be described as an apple or banana if we’re being honest. There's so much information about this topic available right at our finger tips but it can all be a bit overwhelming, and frankly you don’t have time to take any quizzes to find out what fruit you resemble. That’s where I come in, I’m here to break it down to you in the most simple way to get you on the way to owning your fabulous shape and dressing for your best self!

There are 5 basic body shapes: Triangle, Inverted triangle, Hourglass, Diamond, and Ruler. I made this handy graphic for you to save and refer back to next time you go shopping. Scroll down to view the characteristics of each type.


You know you’re a Triangle if you have:

  • Narrow shoulders

  • Full and rounded thighs and booty

  • Small bust


Alicia Keys

Your Style Goal: To minimize your hips and accentuate your top half.

Opt for fitted tops and a supportive bra is an absolute must. You also want to accentuate your top with color a pop of color and tastefully done prints; this highlights your small torso. I love a strong, structured jacket/blazer and you can rock a shoulder pad like no other. Wear blazers or a tailored trench coat to broaden your shoulders, which proportions your entire body.

You know you’re an Inverted Triangle if you have:

  • Narrow hips

  • Slim legs

  • Your bust and shoulders are wider than your booty

  • Might be busty

Charlize Theron


Your Style Goal: Opposite of the triangle, the key here is to create the appearance of narrower shoulders and create curves on your bottom half.

You really want to emphasize your waistline and highlight the more narrow parts of your body,oh and show off those killer legs! That means dresses that are fitted at the waist and flare out at the hips, and don't shy from wearing colored bottoms, they instantly draw the eye down. Design details such as ruffles and peplums are your best friend-these create curves instantly, so go ahead and wear that ruffled skirt!

You know you’re an Hourglass if you have:

  • A defined waist

  • Your bust and shoulders are at the same width as your booty

  • Waist is 8-12 inches smaller than the hip or bust


Sophia Vergara


Your Style Goal: Highlight your gorgeous curves!

Lucky you, you have the most coveted shape! We all know what an hourglass figure is, because it’s what women have aspired to have for decades. If you’re an hourglass, your focus should always be to showcase that waist! This can be easily achieved with a bodycon dress, or tucking in your top to your skirt/pant that stops right at your waist. You also want to create a longer silhouette, especially if you’re a shorter hourglass like me. Focus on clothes that highlight, not hide your body-be careful not to wear anything too baggy or too tight because not only are these unflattering but these makes you look heavier than you actually are.

You know you’re a Diamond if your:

  • Silhouette is round

  • Bust, waist and booty are similar measurements

  • Little to no waist definition

Melissa Mccarthy


Your Style Goal: To create the appearance of a more proportional figure.

The secret for this shape is to direct attention AWAY from your midsection. V-necks are great for creating a vertical illusion that makes you look taller, monochrome also does wonders in making you appear leaner+longer so go for a same color blouse and trouser combo. Wearing the proper bra is super imperative, as a solid foundation is the basis for a well fitting outfit. The quickest way to create a waist? Throw a tailored jacket over your outfit and leave it unbuttoned-this trick instantly nips in your waist and creates an overall polished look. You can also rock trapeze/empire waist dresses-opt for a mini trapeze dress with heels to show off toned legs.

You know you’re a Ruler if your:

  • Bust and shoulders are the same width as hip-line

  • Flatter chest or smaller bust

  • Little to no waist definition


Gwyneth Paltrow

Your Style Goal: To create curves

Your biggest style goal is to create curves so adding volume to either your top or bottom half (not both) is an easy way to achieve this. For example, wear a voluminous bottom with a slim fitted top or choose a top that draws attention upward such as a swing blouse and a tapered trouser or skinny jeans. Another instant way to create barely there curves? Belt your dress at the waist to balance out your shape. Drop waist dresses also look amazing on you, you can pretty much wear everything with a few tweaks to accentuate your best features and create the illusion of proportion.