5 Ways To Look Taller

I’ll just get straight to the point- the style struggle is REAL for us short girls (I’m 5’3”). I wish I could wear those flowy maxi dresses all the bloggers wear and wide leg pants..I mean yes, I can get those items tailored/shortened but let’s be honest-who really has the time?

But I soon learned that it doesn’t always have to be so bad. There are a few items you probably already have in your closet that can solve an issue I deal with: trying to look taller. Stilts aren’t an option for my daily life so I had to deal with what I had and came to the conclusion that it’s all about creating an illusion that plays tricks on the eye by elongating your figure. Here’s a couple of tips and trick I’ve picked up that work.

V-Neck-This T-shirt creates a vertical impression that elongates your upper body and frames your face. It also accentuates your decolletage-also known as the collarbone, a very under appreciated part of a woman’s body. Tomorrow morning when you’re getting dressed, try on a V-neck VS a regular crew neck t-shirt and take notice of the difference it makes. PS: This is an opportunity to tastefully show off great cleavage, if you’ve been blessed with it!


Nude Heel- You might be thinking “duh, of course a heel can make you look taller”. But this isn’t just about any heel. The nude heel always saves the day, in fact I did a whole post about why this shoe is so amazing. The nude heel has a visually lengthening effect that makes your legs appear taller. Nudes also come in so many more tones than they did 10 years ago so there’s definitely a nude for you.  


Horizontal Stripes- We all know by now that stripes make you look thinner. But a striped pant or or skirt will create the appearance of longer legs. Go bold with a graphic black and white striped pant or a subtle, but still effective pinstripe pant which still does the trick.


Go Monochrome- Monochrome performs double duty by making you look put together effortlessly and by making you look taller. Wearing the same color on top of bottom doesn’t break up your frame , in fact it creates a sleek, streamlined look and not to mention all-black or all-white are style classics.


If you're in the same boat as me, what tricks do you use to make yourself look taller? Comment below!